Production Services

Equity On and Off-Screen

Whether you partner with us to create a project, become one of our clients, or want to diversify your crew, we provide an inclusive production with the representation of adults with I/DD on and off-screen.



We assess each project based on its unique demands. We break each production down into the number of days necessary and feasible within your budget.

We discuss shots, direction, and more in a pre-production meeting where we review the project with you to make sure we cover all bases and understand your vision.







Camera Operation

Variety and composition are what make a video dynamic.
We use a range of professional equipment to capture these visuals to create high-quality and compelling products.

Our equipment list includes a crane for long sweeping shots, a steady cam for smooth movements, a dolly for continuous motion, and a drone for aerial and vast landscapes.





Post Production


We arrange the shots and moments captured to take your audience on the most impactful journey possible.

We provide motion graphics, special effects, and more.

Options For Sharing

Our goal is to get as many people as possible to watch your project.

When we export your product, we can slightly adjust introductions and create mini 30-second videos for you to use in your various social media channels.

Live Events


Pre-recordings offer more control. If you have fixed content, a long runtime, or desire a more extensive reach, this is the option for you!

We break the production down with the feeling that everything is occurring in real-time. We discuss direction, angles, graphics, and more in a pre-production meeting where we review the stream with you to understand your goals and expectations.

Live Streaming

We use professional-grade equipment tailored to meet your specific production needs and create the highest quality product.

We’re there during the event to ensure your live stream effectively communicates your message with a customized and creative execution.

Creatively Translate Your Ideas